Wow! I can see THAT bicycle!

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I just came across some very cool lighting options for bicycles; some of which just increase visibility, but some also light the way too.

With how many bicyclists get hit due to low visibility at night these seem like awesome solutions; especially in our northern climes with long fall, winter, and spring nights.  And as I write that I reach to turn on the desk light.  Even though my desk sits right by a large picture window that faces West it is getting dark in here and outside too.

Just out of curiosity I looked up Seattle and found that according to Wikipedia, I am sitting in the northernmost US city of more than 500,000 residents (at 47°36′13.81″N 122°19′48.56″W).  And sunset today was at 6:53pm.

So, back to the bike lights.  Revolights has an awesome (but expensive) system which not only increases visibility but also illuminates the road in front of you.  It is purchasable online for $250.  But what’s a brain worth?


Then there is GlowCandy. They make your bike very, very visible. Their video is HERE. (Watch this one instead of the video on their website.  That one is just a talking head.)

Then, there are also Do It Yourself versions.

Someone posted do it yourself (DIY) instructions here onInstructables Parts cost $35.  It does not have much in the way of forward projecting white light like the Revolights does.  The DIY is actually comparable to the simplest package from GlowCandy (which is $69).  (I cannot credit the author because he/she does not have a name on the instructions.)


Lastly, there is the xFire Bike Lane Safety Lamp which sells for $39 online.  That is where I actually started my bicycle lighting journey today.  @plosblogs posted on Twitter this bike lane option.  (Be sure to watch the video on this one.  I think this photo below may have been “touched up”.  At least on the video the lanes do not appear this bright.)

NonDisclaimer:  By the way, I do not have any affiliation with any of these companies and get no benefit from sales (other than hopefully helping to save some bicyclists’ heads).  I have not tried any of these items out nor seen them in action in person.

What other new bicycle visibility products do you know about?    Please share your ideas and information in the comments below.


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