Think of me as an Ocean

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Recently, I had one of my pieces in an art show for TBI Survivors.  Since my name is spelled wrong and the photo of my piece is missing (sigh), I will not direct you to the sponsors site.  However, I will post the piece here as well as my artist statement about the piece. 


My work often starts with a title. The title leads me to the fabric, the shape, and the dimensionality. The piece takes form and gains life as the fabric calls out for stitching here and beads there.

The work slowly evolves and under my hands begins to tell me a story. I find it interesting as the artist that even after a piece is completed I learn more about its journey and meaning with each showing.

Think of me as an Ocean” is such a piece.

The beautifully hand dyed fabric led to the name at first. But as the piece evolved it became a love story with the depth and breadth of an ocean: storms and calm waters; strong currents and eddies; sun sparkled droplets riding on waves and dark depths of secrets realms.

Now as I enter this piece in this show, I also realize it is a statement about the me that I am recreating after the TBI.

. . . Think of me as an Ocean.

Emerson Jane Browne
I am Emerson Jane Browne. I write about Brains, Apps, & Productivity, and many other aspects of Life. I speak to TBI support groups, speak and teach workshops at tech, music, and writer conferences. I consult with organizations on strategic planning and building a strong community.