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Now since I have begun publicizing my blog more and am actually getting subscribers I found myself starting to get a little worried about the blog content.  For instance, knowing that some readers are coming through the TBI Survivors Network, I worried that those readers would not like it when I post about the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf.  Knowing that other readers have nothing to do with brain injury related topics I worry that they will get bored of posts that deal with that topic.

I came across this delightful introduction to another woman’s (now defunct) blog:

The following content is an ongoing stream of my various projects, interests, discoveries, and so on; and just as a good pot of coffee has to percolate, so must good ideas develop gradually and be diffused through the quotidian clutter of our minds. I suppose you could summarize the following posts as my “percolations”.

If you’re the kind of person to ever get lost reading the phone-book, or someone who takes “detours” along the way to looking up a word in the dictionary, you’ll probably enjoy this blog. To all others who read this- good luck; you are reading my “ideas des jours”, and there’s no telling where they’ll take me…

Couldn’t have said it better so I quoted her!

So, you of intrepid reading tastes, enjoy my blog.  The rest of you may want to use the Search function or the Category choices to find the content that interests you!

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