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I am sitting out on a sunny deck on Vashon Island overlooking the sound. 
This place that I am currently house & pet sitting has a wonderful view
looking north.  I can watch the ferries traversing between Vashon and
West Seattle, see the city of skyline in the distance and the day is so
clear I can see Mt. Baker which is about 160 miles away.


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I have a 2 year old dachsund and an 8 year old quaker parrot keeping me company here at this home.  They are both a hoot! 

The parrot has a vocabulary of over 150 words and phrases.  She even sings some! The funniest one is that she picked up "Obama" just from the owners leaving the radio on for her during the day during the campaign.  I am trying to teach her to say "Obama's the President".  I hope that will be good for about 8 years.  Maybe Michelle will follow Barak.  Parrots live for about 25 years so if I succeed in teaching her to say it there needs to be an Obama in the White House for about 4 terms.

The dachsund, Oscar, started out acting like any willful 2 year old – testing my authority.  The first two days were bouts of testing interspersed with bouts of sweetness.  Now we are on a better keel.  He really is a cutie when he is not barking.  Unfortunately, that is not as often as I would like! 

Writing on this blog is a process.  Like right now, there are about three directions I could go with this post . . . including scrapping what I have written above and starting over. 

The issue at hand for me is a mixture of why I am writing this in the first place (the blog as a whole and also this specific post) along with who I am writing this for.  The audience varies.  But all of those questions deserve an answer and I guess this is as good of a time as any.

I started this Dancing Upside Down blog largely because I said "I could write a book about …" so many times that I finally decided  to start writing and see what comes of it.  The words that follow the "…" are "about How to do Everything Wrong with a Brain Injury".

However the blog has grown to be a lot more than that. Yes, I am staying true to the initial plan which is why there are so many posts about the brain and recovery.  But in addition this blog has been a way to let friends and family know what I am up to and what has been going on in my life in recent months. 

The thing is, I am suddenly reconnecting with many old friends from high school and college.  Facebook, LinkedIn and a new alumni site for our high school is mainly what has initiated this flury of reconnecting with old friends.  I want this blog to also be a place they can catch up with me and who I am now, at 54 years of age. (Hello there! This is me!)  But the problem is that this blog is very much about the present. 

Friends, shoot me a call to find out more of the whole picture.  Or you can email me via this blog:Email Me

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