Neuropsych Evaluation

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On Monday, I had a Neuropsych Evaluation; a day-long series of tests
to more definitively pinpoint the problem areas of my brain function.
By the end of the test the Neuropsychologist was telling me how
excellent Harborview’s Cognitive Rehabilitation Unit is and that I will
be in good hands there, etc.  It was obvious to both of us that the day
of testing had highlighted some serious gaps. We will meet again in two
weeks to go over the results.

As I left the building and headed out to my truck, I was just hit with this huge:

“Damn! This really is for real!”

Of course I do know it is “for real”.  I have been looking forward to
getting this evaluation for months because it is supposed to be a “holy
grail” of tests for brain injury.  The information gleaned from the
tests will determine the next steps in cognitive rehabilitation and
other related treatment.

I just didn’t want to be there; being the me I am now walking out of
that office door.  I still want to wake up and find that this is all a
dream and that I really am a happy, healthy, successful project manager
making a good living. The reality of it; the immensity of it;
difficulty of it; the financial effects of it; etc. … It is a lot to
take in.

Emerson Jane Browne
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