Loopy & Droopy!

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This teacher obviously never had to go through a neuropsych evaluation!

I cannot believe how tired I am still today!  Yesterday I was toast.  Just non-functional the whole day.  I was unbelievably exhausted.  Today I am better but I am still doing silly things our of sheer fatigue. 

I am especially disappointed with this response because I thought I had done so well fatigue-wise.  When I had been tested in September I was so tired after 2 hours of testing that I tipped back the seat in my truck and slept for 45 minutes.  This  Monday the test was something like 4-5 hours of actual testing time and we took an hour lunch break in the middle.  At the end of the testing I still felt good enough to go and run some errands.  I was not at all expecting this delayed effect!

Thank you to Marty Bucella for the use of this cartoon and others. 

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