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Oh my!

Moving my website over to self-hosted WordPress has taken a lot longer than planned.

I am enjoying the ride of learning the ins and outs of WordPress.  I also am enjoying the WordPress community.   (Seattle has one of the largest WordPress Meetup groups in the country.)

What is taking the longest is getting all little niggly tasks done that will really make this site sing.  For instance, when you move a blog the photos in the posts don’t actually come over to the new home.  One by one they have to be re-uploaded into the new media library and have all the meta data added for each one.  I also need to enter data for search engine optimization for each post.

The end result will be worth it, I am pretty sure.  This new site – which will have a new look – will be “responsive”.  That means that it fluidly adjusts its format depending on what you are viewing this on.  So now it will be readable on smart phones and tablets. The new site will also be much more functional on the backend – the behind the scene details that readers do not see.

So for the moment, when I sit down at the computer, my work is on the design and structure of the site instead of writing.  But I will be back soon.

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