It Furthers One to Cross the Great Water

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I would not wish a brain injury on anyone – but it is probably one of the best thing that has ever happened to me because I would not be here where I am right now without having been there – there in the dark abyss of the brain injury.

What I mean is that I am happy where I am and where I am going.  I am happy with who I am and who I am becoming.  It is not that I am entirely free of difficulties due to the brain injury but they are more part of me now and I just flow with them – or at least try to.

This morning I wrote a long email to a brain injured friend who is having a hard time and I said “Hang in there.  You will get through this.  And there is sunlight on the other side.  You will not only survive, you will thrive.  I promise.  And I know, because I am ahead of you.  What I am doing is trying to take some of the sunlight and shine it back to you to help light your way.”


I have this thing that goes on with me that when my subconscious – or my guiding force  – is trying to tell me something, it hooks onto a phrase or part of a song and won’t let go.  For days the line “If I should cross the water” has been haunting me.  It is from a song by Cindy Kallet called Cross the Water on a CD of the same title.

The idea of “Crossing the Water” has a lot of meaning for me.  It speaks to me especially now because I am “crossing the water” – leaving behind a lot of old baggage and beliefs – and allowing a new me and a new chapter of my life to unfold on the other side.

Also, in the I Ching – The Chinese Book of Changes – “It furthers one to cross the great water” is a key phrase.  Its meaning varies slightly based on the context of the Ching it is in, but it essentially means taking on a difficult endeavor and persevering through doubt, difficulty, and adversity.

Am I to the other side?  No, not yet.  But I have left the shore.  I am in the crossing and I can see the other side – not clearly but I know I am drawing near. . . . I folk-processed Cindy’s song and added a last verse.

If I should cross the water with faith and loving friends,
And share the load and sail to shore to the place where journey ends;
If I should cross the water in word and song and deed
Oh If I should cross the water,  Oh, if I should cross the water,
Me –I will be.


Emerson Jane Browne
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