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I am on my second house sitting gig in as many weeks.  So far it is going wonderfully well.  If it continues to go so well I think I may try to house sit for a long time: at least 6 months and very possibly a year or more.  It will allow me to get back on my feet financially and, most importantly, help me to chunk out changes one at a time.

As I mentioned in posts below, I put all my belongings in storage in mid January to go down to Florida to help my Mom for a month.  What I realized is that "chunking things out" is exactly what my brain is currently capable of doing: dealing with one chunk at a time. Trying to pack up, find a place to live, then deal with unpacking and getting settled, while also dealing with this never-ending attempt at healing the torn achilles tendon, start cognitive rehab, and work with DVR & NVSU regarding work . . . it was all too much!

Suddenly being forced to drop everything other than packing up my belongings made it all so easy.  I could do THAT!  Then when I was down in Florida, my focus was to help my Mom.  Coming back, my focus is to get the wheels in motion that will eventually lead to paid work. 

I did not pack my boxes nor my storage locker with an eye to house sitting for 6 months.  In fact, I did not begin to entertain the idea of house sitting until I saw how well we were able to fit my belongings into the storage locker.  We made an S shaped path so I can reach a lot of the boxes.  Now, I am working to find the things I will need to have with me and also trying to get the locker into a semblance that will allow me to have other things easily in reach for when I need them.  I am setting my life up such that all my "need to have with me" items are well organized in easy to tote containers which will simplify moving in and out on a weekly or monthly basis.

It seems odd that house sitting is so much easier for me than finding my own
place.  In fact, it amazes me.  I have known that I find home hunting stressful, especially now when I am not sure where I will need to be for work.  The only word I can use is that it is simpler and simpler is the key word here.

Hmmm . . . There is more to the story here.


House sitting for people who love their home is a joy.  The care and love is palatable.  The house bears the energy the owners invest in it.  It is an honor to care for these homes in their owners' absence.  The energy I feel in these homes is what I long to have in my own life again someday.  But I know that someday is pretty far away right now.  So being able to bask in that energy as I house sit is filling that need in me.  It somehow satiates the longing more than a rental ever could. 

I am worn out with trying to turn a rental into a home.  The energy of a rental is so different from a home.  No matter how much a tenant works to make it their home there is still a rental energy.  I think it has to do with the difference of paying into someone else's equity instead of your own.  I can't put better words to it.  It is just a world of difference.  And frankly, from where I stand right now, I would rather house sit for many, many months to come than to go through rental roulette again.  I think I am especially feeling this right now because I really thought I had moved into a place I could stay for years this last time, but it was not to be.

It is always interesting to see where these posts take me!  In writing them I often come to some "Aha" for myself.  That is true in this post. I know that I long to have land and a house that I own. But I had not realized how house sitting is easing that longing more than a rental could.  Very interesting.

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