Hans Rosling: Ace Presenter!

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In my “other life” I have, and still do, coach people on presenting skills; getting their message across to their listeners, students, clients, and colleagues through the use of good visual storytelling.  I also design and develop PowerPoint and Keynote presentations for people.

Therefore I have a deep appreciation for Masters of the Craft of Communication.  Hans Rosling is a Master and then some!

Hans Rosling,is a physician, professor, and ace presenter.  He has spoken at TED.com nine times (as of this writing); more than any other presenter.  This talk below is short – only 10 minutes.  It is phenomenal the amount of information he imparts in a mere 10 minutes through the use of analog props and his now famous (and free) Gapminder software.  It is worth a watch for the information as well as the pleasure of watching him as a performer.

Hans Rosling’s very first TED talk is also worth a good look.  Well all nine of his talks are worth a watch!  This first one, though, is where he introduced himself to the public at large and introduced the presenting population to Gapminder.

In this talk, Rosling blows away our preconceived (and very incorrect) notions about First and Third World Countries.  Mind blowing!

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