Evernote Rocks!

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5 MILLION USERS!  Thats what you get when you design an excellent program, make it function cross platforms, make it easy to use, and provide it in multiple languages.

Evernote is a phenomenal ubiquitous capture and recall tool.  It truly can help a person remember Everything.   It can become a repository to collect and track information for blog posts, articles, or art pieces; gifts for family members, recipes, web pages, and a myriad of other bits and pieces.

Notes can range from text to photos to many kinds of attached files. Notes can be entered by typing info in on your computer or mobile device, dictated audio memos, photos, attaching key documents, clips from Web pages, or emails can be sent to a personal Evernote account.  It puts it all into a searchable database. You can locate, group and peruse notes quickly, without having to dig through a computer’s file system.

The searchability is what I love most about Evernote.  You do not have to remember what you titled a note.  Type in any word that is anywhere in the note or even in a photo due to text recognition software and Evernote will find the info.

What follows is most of today’s post from Phil Libin, the founder of Evernote.  I am reposting it simply because I think it is so impressive for any company to gain a million members in 83 days.  Check out the graphs below.  They are worth a look and a wonder.  Rock on Evernote!

5 Million Users: We’re gonna need a bigger boat

November 10, 2010 | Posted by Phil Libin in Product updates

Twenty two thousand one hundred and thirty new people joined Evernote yesterday. Seriously. 22,130. That’s a record and it pushed us over the 5,000,000 user mark!

We’re actually setting all kinds of records in the past few weeks:

Don’t worry: we have great Mac and iPhone / iPad updates coming soon!

It only took us 83 days to get the latest million users – that’s over 12,000 new people per day, every day. Here’s how it breaks down:


By the way, this marks the first in a new category of posts called Productivity.  As I find Tips or Tools that are especially useful, I will write about them.  I will eventually be posting some videos of how I use the programs.  These are my beginning baby steps toward the eventual goal of writing a Time & Life Management book for TBI survivors.  Comments are welcome.

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