Dendrite Trails

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This blog is almost a year old!  I have personally traveled a great distance during that time.  I started blogging soon after I had been told that I had Traumatic Brain Injury and long before I finally got concrete help.  The earlier posts especially chronicle my journey as I was finally diagnosed correctly and the early struggles I had to understand it and start healing.  I think any person dealing with a TBI will identify with many of the feelings and thoughts I had. 

I encourage anyone new to this blog to skim through the category on Brain Injury and Recovery.  Those posts are the foundation for many of the posts I will soon be writing.  I couldn't be where I am now were it not for the where I was back then! (And yes, I meant to write the sentence that way!!)

Emerson Jane Browne
I am Emerson Jane Browne. I write about Brains, Apps, & Productivity, and many other aspects of Life. I speak to TBI support groups, speak and teach workshops at tech, music, and writer conferences. I consult with organizations on strategic planning and building a strong community.