Darth Vader Does PowerPoint

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A couple of weeks ago I went out on the web searching for a photo of 3CPO for the post A-peeling 3 CPO.  Since then Star Wars silliness keeps coming my way. 


My favorite so far is an old Presentation Zen post where Garr Reynolds compares the presentation styles that Darth Vader and Yoda might hypothetically choose to use.  (The PowerPoint footage probably ended up on the cutting room floor so we will never know for sure.)

I sometimes consult in presentation design and techniques so I have a soft spot for anything humorous involving PowerPoint.

And then of course, there is always Darth goes Golfing: 

Actually, there are a lot of Darth videos out there but many of them are phenomenally stupid. . . . Okay, Darth goes golfing hasn’t exactly won any awards but I did find it humorous.

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