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Wow! I can see THAT bicycle!

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I just came across some very cool lighting options for bicycles; some of which just increase visibility, but some also light the way too. With how many bicyclists get hit due to low visibility at night these seem like awesome solutions

Regrets of the Middle Aged!

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When I was in my twenties I can remember people saying "Oh to be young again!" and I would think "Who in the hell would want to be in their twenties again?!  I sure as heck don't want to have to live through these years twice!"  Now I get it! It just dawned on me that when I was young, …

Bic Pens & the Magic of Opportunity

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In the Footnote of the post below I commented about how Jeff Gregory continues to amaze me with his sketches done using a ball point pen.  A few hours later and I came across Juan Francisco Casas! He uses only ballpoint pens to create his photorealistic portraits! Note that in the photo above he is using a regular old blue …

Computer Confusion!

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I have not posted for quite a while due to my trusty old (read: very old) Dell laptop gasping its last breaths.  It has so many things broken on it that I am not sure the nonprofit refurbishing organization will even take it.  The funny thing is the computer part of it works fine, albeit slow.  But it will no …