10,000 Hours

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What does 10,000 hours get you?  It is an enormous amount of time.  It divides down to a little over 19 hours per week if you divide it evenly over 10 years.  10,000 hours is the "magic number" of practice time to achieve mastery; mastery of anything.  "The emerging picture from such studies is that ten thousand of hours of …

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High IQ is overrated! Or is it?

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1 Think about it. There are no negative or even neutral words to describe an IQ that is more than two standard deviations from the mean. When people have a High IQ, they are Gifted, Exceptional, Above Average, etc. The CIVIQ Society, which accepts people with an IQ of over 145, explains: “That high intelligence is a gift with only …

Research shows Internet Searching is Good for the Brain

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… Small and colleagues found that there was a significant difference in brain activity between the two groups during the Internet searching task. The “Net Savvy” subjects showed greater brain activation, particularly in the frontal lobe, which is known to be involved in decision making and complex reasoning. When the Net Naïve group searched the Internet, their brain activity resembled the activity during the reading task.

Journey to the Center of the Brain

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This is an excellent talk by brain expert, Vilayanur Ramachandran.  He gets a standing ovation at the end for good reason!  He is a great speaker. In this talk he discusses the research being done using specific brain injuries to map the brain but also goes into some fascinating rehabilitation techniques that he has developed.  Especially amazing is the use …