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Reality: Can you take it?

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There is a difficult delicate balance I try to maintain on this blog of speaking the truth of my experiences with having a TBI without ever wanting to sound like I am complaining or whining.  I see people having the same difficulty on other TBI sites.  Out of curiosity, I looked up the definition of Complain on  com·plain–verb (used …

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Writing 10,000 Hours and Counting?

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I have decided I am going to do my best to write for 2 hours each morning.  Noble goal but already this am I have found that in order to write for two hours I need to do almost an equal amount of prep time.  Otherwise I spend most of the two hours crawling through the web and gathering information. …

Where do I jump in?

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Nothing like starting a blog post when I have an article that is due tomorrow and I have not even started it. But that is also why I am writing right now.  Maybe writing in here will get me started.  Plus, I dearly want to start contributing to this blog again.  I have missed it. Yes, it all the sudden …

Back Again!!

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Oh my Gosh!  People are actually reading this blog!  Hi there! I can see that people have been here on the site from the stats.  My apologies to you all that there has not been a new post for a long time!  I have not been to the site since late August.  Life just got way too crazy (aka busy).  …

Reach Out & Touch Someone

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I am fascinated by how the internet is changing our communication and our relationships to one another!  I have heard people make disparaging remarks that soon we will all just sit in rooms with computers in front of us and never truly connect with anyone; that we will become machine-like ourselves.  I couldn’t disagree more!! The internet is connecting us …