“Suddenly” a Brain Injury??

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I am sure I have confused many people this past year. “Suddenly” I have started talking about having a brain injury. It must seem like it is absolutely out of the blue. In fact, a lot of people never knew I had had accidents. And even when I did talk about them I spoke in past tense; as if it they were something that had happened but that I was “over it” now.

Loopy & Droopy!

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This teacher obviously never had to go through a neuropsych evaluation! I cannot believe how tired I am still today!  Yesterday I was toast.  Just non-functional the whole day.  I was unbelievably exhausted.  Today I am better but I am still doing silly things our of sheer fatigue.  I am especially disappointed with this response because I thought I had …

Neuropsych Evaluation

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On Monday, I had a Neuropsych Evaluation; a day-long series of tests to more definitively pinpoint the problem areas of my brain function. By the end of the test the Neuropsychologist was telling me how excellent Harborview’s Cognitive Rehabilitation Unit is and that I will be in good hands there, etc.  It was obvious to both of us that the …