Jane_ final compressedLocation: Seattle, WA

I am someone who has tried to dance right side up for most of my life.  It never quite worked.  I never did seem to learn “the proper” dance steps. I was always dancing to a different beat – often to a calliope.

Midlife found me making some huge changes and having even larger changes made for me in the form of multiple concussions

Currently I am forging new neural networks through this altered landscape. The old landmarks are gone.  What I counted on before is no longer true.  I am not saying the journey is horrible but it is challenging.  There is also good along with the difficult for there is almost always a silver lining to every cloud.

Think of me as aged swiss cheese:
The block is still sharp but has holes!

This blog is:

  • A Cranial Chronicle
  • A Medium for Musings
  • A Pool of Ponderings
  • A Review of Research
  • And Notes on News

Ps.  I will leave off with alliterations in most of the blog.  No guarantees about puns!

Pps.  Yes, that is a picture of me.  Hormones do wonders . . . so does using a photograph from 3rd grade.