White lemon half painted with yellow paint on http://DancingUpsideDown.com

A Hodge-Podge of an Update

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White lemon half painted with yellow paint on http://DancingUpsideDown.com

I recently came across a great website: The TBI Survivors Network.  It is what it sounds like; a "Social Network for survivors to share information and connect."  I have been fairly active on it since my discovery.  It has been good to be able to "talk" with people who have many of the same experiences as me.  I have gotten good things from it and also feel I have a lot to offer.

Another new development is that I recently attended a writers conference at the Richard Hugo House.  It was a great conference.  I received a lot of encouragement as well as learned a great deal.

One of the topics discussed was blogs.  I had been feeling that many (most?) of my blog posts have been too long – but then again, early on I was writing only for myself.  Anyway, I have decided to try posting much shorter entries and posting more often. 

I have spent this evening (and long into the night since it is after 2AM as I write this) setting up the RSS and email subscriptions for this blog.  It is hard not to be frustrated with how long it took me.  The ability to follow written instructions is one of the "holes" in my brain.  It is just hard to sequence. 

You know, I just realized as I was writing that it is actually the ability to grock the whole picture that is the difficulty more than actually following the instructions.  I am someone who has always done best when I can get an aerial view to see the big picture; the lay of the land.  That is what I have trouble doing now.  It causes me to get confused on step by step instructions because I cannot see where I am going.

Well, where I need to be going right now is to bed and to sleep so I am going to end this post.  See!  I kept it relatively short. 

And the lemon?  Well this photo just seemed to fit the experience of struggling to get the RSS feed set up.  A lemon being yellow is not as easy as just painting it.

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