Christmas Gift 2012:
Perhaps it will happen this way

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Perhaps it will happen this way:

Someone will hand you a package.

You will untie
the ribbon of Handel’s Messiah
and Bing Crosby’s White Christmas,

Tear off
the glittering paper of department store windows,
and strings of colored lights

the box made from old cards,
friends names fading
beneath sweet greetings

Toss aside
the tissue paper of stockings
stuffed with oranges
and candles lit in hope

And hold in your hands
The desert at twilight
colors sinking across
its sandy shoulders
like a silk scarf tossed

The sky at night
stars skating too slowly to see
over black ice
tracing elegant curves

The old growth forest
new shoots springing
from the root of stumps cut down,

A thousand faces of human terror
and human joy

You touch it all,
an ache transformed.
earth, life, evening sky.

This is the Gift.
Open it.

— Dr. Rebecca Ann Parker, president, Starr King School for the Ministry


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