2013: A Brain New Year!

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It is 12:01 am, January 1, 2013. Fireworks are going off in the valley below. Horns are blowing, people cheering, welcoming in the new year.

IMG_2994And I just hit reset on the Spiderette Solitaire game on my iPhone, changing all the stats back to zeros. It will be interesting to see what those stats read at 11:59, 12/31/13.

Spiderette is a Spider Solitaire game on the app Sol Free. It is the only game I play.

Spiderette is sort of a dip stick for how I am doing. The more I am engaged and my life is going well, the less I play.

There have been times when I have been downright addicted to the game and played it for hours. Those were bleak times. Times when winning at Spiderette felt like the only thing that I could win at.  The game was both mind-numbing and mind-easing.

Recently, I have been using the game in a more healthy manner.  I usually play a couple of hands as an end of day wind down while I am sitting in bed waiting for the CPAP machine to warm up.  I also occasionally play it on the bus when I do not feel like reading and just want to relax.


I installed the app on 3/6/11 but I know I reset the stats one time since then, but have no idea when.  So I do not know the timespan over which the stats accrued.

Still, the stats are a little frightening even if I do not know the time interval. I played for 339.25 hours. That totals to 8.5 work weeks.  Over two months of 40 hour work weeks!

If someone handed me two months of work hours and asked me what I would like to do with them, playing Spiderette Solitaire would not even make it into a list of the top 100 choices!

But this post is not about the game. 

This post is about recalibrating. Resetting the stats counter on my own life.

I am not happy with the distance I have come in this past year.  I have healed a great deal and that I am happy about.  But I expected to be further along in returning to work.  The difficulty of finding work has sent me to playing Spiderette Solitaire more than once.

I have spent the day, 12/31/12 being fairly introspective and writing a lot in my journal. As part of that, I have done a lot of thinking about where I want to take this blog.  So this post is about recalibrating this blog too.

When I started this blog, back when it was still on Typepad, I wrote from the heart.  I wrote about traumatic brain injury from the inside out.

As I have healed more, and especially as I have started to publicize this blog via Facebook and Twitter, I wrote far less from the place within.  I started worry about “what people will think”.  I felt I needed to present myself as healed, as a “together” person for whom the brain injury was in the past, as a trusted authority on productivity and life management after having a brain injury.  And I feel to a certain extent I lost the heart of this blog.

I want to change that starting now.  I am committed to finding the balance of sharing myself and sharing my knowledge with my readers.  This year will be an exploration of that. I know I will have some missteps but that is part of the process. I have gotten clearer about directions I want to take this blog and my writing.

3D-Platform-Cover-For-Product-PageAnd interestingly, right after I finished journaling about my 2013 goals for this blog, Michael Hyatt’s new book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World arrived on my doorstep.  Michael blogs at MichaelHyatt.com and is a guru on blogging and social media.

I am hoping to receive word later today that I have been selected to beta test his new WordPress theme Get Noticed! to use on this site.  If I am, you will soon see some changes in the site. However, if I am not chosen for the beta test you will still see some changes because there are some things that I need to change in the site’s layout.

Wishing you all an abundant, vibrant, and happy new year!!

Emerson Jane Browne
I am Emerson Jane Browne. I write about Brains, Apps, & Productivity, and many other aspects of Life. I speak to TBI support groups, speak and teach workshops at tech, music, and writer conferences. I consult with organizations on strategic planning and building a strong community.