13 Best iPhone Apps

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With over 700,000 apps in the iTunes store, how does one choose what apps to use?  Here are 13 stand-out iPhone apps to consider!  They are the absolute best I have found.  (And believe me, I have tested a lot!) 

  1. Week Cal is a fantastic Calendar app that is far better than the native iPhone one.  Be sure to check out all the views.  The mini-month is especially awesome.  Here is my list of my most used, favorite apps . . . so the are the Best in of the Apps for me.
  2. Time Timer I love this app!!  I linked so you can see the screenshots.  I use the “Quick Start” all the time.  You can just move the duration dial with your finger.  It is SO much faster than setting the timer on the native iPhone Clock app.
  3. Dictionary  You can click on the microphone and SPEAK the word you are trying to spell!!  Poof!  There it is.  You do not have to try to guess the first 3 letters the word starts with!! No more struggling to find the right spelling when you are trying to look up the spelling in the first place.
  4. Feedly – best Reader I have found!  Feedly hooks into Google Reader so you can subscribe to blogs via Google Reader but read them on Feedly.  The Feedly interface is far nicer than Google Reader.  I use Feedly on both my Mac (on my browser) and on my iPhone.
  5. Pocket – used to be called “Read it Later” .  It allows me to save articles and web pages for later reading.  You can tag the articles when you save them so you can group them together by topic.  You can also store articles on Pocket, but Evernote is my main storage app.  Pocket has a new app for the Mac that I am just about to try out.
  6. Evernote I am an “Evernote Evangelist” because I love the program.  Evernote is my pet brain.  I use it on my Mac, in browsers with Evernote web clippers, and on my iPhone.
  7. FastEver  is a companion app for Evernote.  It allows you to enter a note far faster than you can do with Evernote.  Evernote has greatly improved the ease of adding notes on the iPhone but I still prefer the FastEver.  It is much simpler and still faster.
  8. FE Snap (FastEver Snap) is the same thing as FastEver but is for making a note with a photo in it.  I love this app.  Again, it is far simpler and faster than using the Evernote app.
  9. OfficeTime is an app I use on both my Mac and my iPhone.  I love it for tracking client time.  If you are a consultant or have multiple contracts or clients, this is a great program.  I have mainly used it on my Mac because that is usually where I am when I am doing client work.  But the iphone app is quite good too.
  10. Shazam – you can hold up your phone to “listen” to music and it will tell you the name of the song and the artist.  I have used this in coffee shops, grocery stores, and a few other odd places where I have heard a song I have liked.  It works!!  I have not yet tried their new LyricPlay feature but I expect it will work equally as well.
  11. Flashlight  I use this one all the time!  There are quite a few Flashlight apps to choose from.  I did not bother to do a lot of comparison of the different flashlight apps.  I just got the same one a friend already had. I am very happy it.
  12. Battery Pro  by Solarmoon is a full featured battery management app that extends the life and health of your battery.  I do a full cycle charge with it monthly.  What I like about this app is it “just works”.  You turn it on when your battery charge is below 20% and you let the app do the rest.   (Note there are a bunch of apps named similarly.  But Battery Pro is the one to get.)
  13. Zendone is the best GTD ToDo app I have found; especially because it has phenomenal  integration with Evernote and Google Calendar.

So there are my 13 favorite apps!  What are yours?  Please use the comment section to share.

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