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2013: A Brain New Year!

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It is 12:01 am, January 1, 2013. Fireworks are going off in the valley below. Horns are blowing, people cheering, welcoming in the new year. And I just hit reset on the Spiderette Solitaire game on my iPhone, changing all the stats back to zeros. It will be interesting to see what those stats read at 11:59, 12/31/13. Spiderette is …

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The Median is NOT the Message

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When you are confronted with a brain injury or a disease such as cancer you will almost immediately be confronted by statistics … from the mouths of well meaning friends, family, and doctor’s, in medical literature, and on the web. DO NOT let statistics scare you.

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I’ve been Splogged!

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“Write it and they will come.” Dang! I thought that meant fans; not thieves! When I logged on to the computer yesterday morning, I found that someone in Australia liked my 13 Best iPhone Apps post so much